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K. Michelle Cries Tears of Joy over Third Album


Image Courtesy JimmyFontaine/Atlantic

K. Michelle not only is making progress with her third studio effort, but she’s finally found happiness in the process.

The singer took to Instagram to give fans a heartfelt update on her highly anticipated set.

“Ever heard a record so personal to you that it brought you to tears? Not a moment in pain, but tears of JOY! I HAVE!!! When music hits you and its right and nothing else matters #album3,” she wrote in the caption to a photo of her crying in the studio.

Despite her detractors, the singer adds that she’s found her happy place. “I’ve been so focused, cancelled tour and events, just so I could open my heart and hear the songs in me. Music became my job, and I hated it. Music is my therapy again,” she wrote. “It’s in my soul and I can’t run from it. This time I lay it all on the table ONE LAST TIME. I’ll leave demons under the bed and in the melodies I feel good. I feel free. I have finally tasted happiness #album3.”

Michelle’s untitled project will be the follow-up to her sophomore album, Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?

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