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K. Michelle puts word out on social media: I want a girlfriend


Johnny Louis/FilmMagicIt appears that K. Michelle, who’s engaged to Dr. Kastam Sims, wants to turn her relationship into a threesome. 

The R&B singer recently tweeted out to her fans, “I want a girlfriend.”  

And that’s not all.  

She claims that Sims, who she refers to as her husband in another tweet, “said i could have one.”  

Michelle than gives a small list of requirements for her dream girlfriend, adding, “She has to be amazing” and “She has to be a mix between Jackie Kennedy and Nina Simone. With magnetic energy and a kind heart.” 

“I’m about to sign up for The league and get me a girlfriend since my husband said ok. My assistant met her girlfriend there,” she continues.  

The League is a dating service app. 

Michelle’s reference to Sims as her “husband” isn’t confirmation that the two are actually married, but the singer does seem serious about finding a woman willing to be her side piece. 

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