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K. Michelle Shoots Down NFL Star After Comments on Dark Women


JC Olivera/WireImageK. Michelle never hesitates to put offensive men in their place, and she did just that to an Arizona Cardinals football star who dissed dark women.

In their Instagram conversation about female photos, Cardinals defensive back Tony Jefferson asked his friend, former college player Brennan Clay, “Ay pony you want that dark a** one in the middle too?” Clay responded, “Haha the dark b*** can go.”

When Michelle read their responses, she roared back. She wrote, “Their comments towards the dark skin woman in this post was just disgusting. I did research and you 2 little hobbits have a long way to go before you have the right to crack jokes on anybody due to the color of their skin. You both seem to show symptoms and signs of the short d*** syndrome.”

She continued. “The black woman is the most beautiful most copied human. I find it sad that you are what we have as representation of the black man. I pray my son never grows up to have such a corrupted soul.” 

Following Michelle’s attack, Clay apparently deleted his Instagram account, and Jefferson made his Facebook and Instagram accounts private.

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