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Kaepernick’s Girlfriend Calls Out the NFL For Listing Him As ‘Retired’


Rut’ro!  What kind of shenanigans was the NFL up to?

The league recently updated its website, and there was one entry that caused such a stir on social media that it has since been updated.

On Friday, the NFL had Colin Kapernick’s page listed as “retired,” even though the former SF 49ers QB has never announced such a thing; not to mention, he’s still hoping to get back on the field one day, even working out teams last November.

It took Kap’s girlfriend Nessa Diab, who called the NFL out on Twitter.

Kaepernick and the league settled out of court over the accusation that they blackballed him over his famous kneeling protest during the national anthem.

The page is now listed as ‘UFA.’

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