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Kehlani addresses critics of her home birth: ‘All birth is transformative’


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Kehlani is getting candid about her recent at home birth experience.

The new mom, who welcomed her daughter Adeya Nomi over the weekend, took to Twitter Tuesday to address the chatter regarding her pregnancy — specifically that it wasn’t her intention to use her “experience to shame another’s.”

“All birth is extremely hard and transformative,” Kehlani tweeted. “Homebirth is a medical decision as is hospital birth, all birth is mind blowing & powerful.”

She continued, “Using my experience to shame another’s isn’t what I want. Power to anyone who brings life forth, it’s a next level journey whichever way.”

In a follow-up tweet, the Oakland singer joked of the difficulty of childbirth.  “I hope everyone knows no one can tell me s*** after that because LORD,” the posted.

Baby Adeya arrived to Kehlani and her partner, guitarist Javie Young-White, in an “unmedicated homebirth” while the singer was apparently standing in her bathroom, she revealed Monday.

The couple also shared that they would be taking a bit of a social media hiatus while Kehlani recuperates from the delivery and they bond as a family.

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