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KeKe Palmer Fires bACK


Why is it every time you’re on top….someone always tries to bring you down. There was a rumor going around the KeKe Palmer who portrayed Chilli in the TLC Movie put out a sex tape but, that rumor is false! Although she did say it hurt her & she’s done too much good to deserve this type of treatment.

When we get something going, and when we get something cooking we should be lifting each other up, and holding each other’s hand. And the moment we get one it’s like tearing them down….,” Palmer said. “My thing is, I always try to use myself as an example. I realized at a young age, Ok I have a platform. People know me because of my work. Let me use it for a good thing. And I never want young girls to think that is ok. Every now and then there are some things you can throw over your shoulder. But that, that was too much and I’ve done too much good in my life to deserve that type of treatment. Everything that I do, I always think about the young women who are like me out there, that want to be heard, that want to be seen, that want more positivity, that want more things to feed their mind. And then to come back and see my own people try to take me down like that, it kills my heart because it’s like everything I do, I do for us. Well said……Why do rumors get started, they get started by the jealous people! Keep doing your thing KeKe.

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