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Keke Palmer sends heartfelt message to Bow Wow after he reveals he wishes he never existed


David Becker/Getty Images via ABCKeke Palmer has got Bow Wow‘s back.

Palmer reached out to the rapper after he recently alarmed fans by expressing some seemingly suicidal thoughts on social media.

“Sometimes i REALLY wish i never existed…,” Bow Wow had wrote on Instagram sharing a photo of himself. “i can never do S*** RIGHT EVEN WHEN IM DOING RIGHT! Im better off …..”

He later continued on Twitter: “I dont believe in love from people no more,” he wrote

“I just dont. I think its fake. Its all fake. Im hated more than loved. So i accept it. Its cool. Ill be the bad guy.”

After mentioning his struggles with the media and being torn down online, Bow Wow revealed just how low he was feeling: “Because my mind telling me i wont see 35 … my whole life i been paranoid like someone out to get me.”

After his posts went viral, Keke offered some words of encouragement.

“I just wanted to take the time out to appreciate Bow Wow for the cultural inspiration he’s been,” she wrote on  Instagram, in part. 

“I am proud to see a healthy Bow Wow still doing his thing in multiple areas, having sacrificed so much. I applaud you and show you gratitude for it all.” 

In an interview with The Grio, Palmer explained why she sympathized with the rapper.

“He gets bullied a lot online,” she said. “He’s bullied by millions of people at least three times a month off of stuff that’s normal and people will literally berate him. The reality is, Bow Wow had platinum records at age 11 or 12. Bow Wow had movies he was producing at 13 and 14. Bow Wow has done more than people will ever do in their entire life and did it by the age of 18. OK?” 

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