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Keke Wyatt Reintroduces Herself on Upcoming Album, Rated Love


ABC RadioWhen it comes to grown and sexy music, Keke Wyatt has you covered with her forthcoming album, Rated Love, arriving later this month. After months of teasing fans with trend-worthy covers, the singer tells ABC Radio she took creative control while recording her new project, the first to be released on her label, Aratek Entertainment.

With her own label, Keke says, “I’m able to do what I want to do, and let my true sound be heard.”

She adds that her project is “a little bit like gumbo,” explaining, “You get a little bit of everything. I’m bi-racial, so I grew up with this race that race and so music and food and culture its all different, so I got it all in my bones so I let it come out in my music.”

Although she’s known for her collaborations with Avant, Keke promises this album will be “A whole lotta me instead of a piece of me, see, because see my stuff before with Avant was just a piece of me. That’s his and Keke’s sound together, that’s not Keke’s sound.”

Rated Love covers relationship issues, too, which the married Keke wrote from personal experience.

“I get to help people, you know? And that’s what makes me the most excited because in relationships its hard, its really, really hard,” she says.  “So that’s what I write about. Make-ups, break-ups, hook-ups, baby-making all that good stuff.”

Wyatt explains that she’s celebrating everything that comes with love. “Right now, a lot of girls when they sing, they just sing about everything the guy does wrong,” she says before randomly singing out: “I’m so sick of that dude doing this and that.” 

The mother of eight continues: “I swear its like all the same thing or its hit-it-quit-it type, you know its like no, no, no, no. I don’t want my kids to grow up like that. There are good men in the world, and they will love you right and you love them right you have no problems,” she says. 

Rated Love will be available April 22. The album includes Keke’s lead singles “Sexy Song,” and “Love Me,” written by Wyatt, Brandon Hesson and Dominic “Dom” Gordon.

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