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Kelly Rowland Says Her Next Pregnancy Will Be a Fit One: I’m Not Going to Eat as Much


David Becker/Getty Images via ABCKelly Rowland could possibly be the next Destiny’s Child band mate to announce baby news — if the singer follows through with her plans to have another child.  

Although the singer says she’s undecided on when that will be, Rowland is certain that the next time around she’ll be more prepared for what to expect.

Rowland, who is set to release a book on pregnancy and motherhood in April entitled, Whoa Baby, says that when she first learned she was pregnant with her son Titan, she immediately went to her friends for advice.

“I called all my girlfriends who had kids,” Rowland tells ABC Radio. “I remember one said, ‘Oh honey, it’s one day at a time.’ Another said, ‘Pick them girls up,’ talking about my bosoms. But it’s more than that, it’s deeper than that, you know. There are so many things that happen to your body.”

While Rowland is not quite ready to take the motherhood plunge again right now, saying, “I have a son and I wanna have another child. I think. I’m not sure,” the “Motivation” singer says she’s definitive about what her next pregnancy will look like.

“I’m not going to eat as much,” says Rowland. “I gained fifty pounds the last time. Well it took a year to come off… and certain workouts that I did before, I just know how I want to feel and how I want my birth to go. I had an incredible birth with my son, but yeah there are other ways to zhuj things up a bit.”  

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