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Kenny Lattimore Created Feel-Good Records for Anatomy of a Love Song


Soul Records/eOne MusicKenny Lattimore‘s new album, Anatomy of a Love Song,  is out today. The singer tells ABC Radio that working on this, the eighth album in his twenty-year career, is a return to what drove him to make music in the first place. 

“What I think has happened is I’ve gone back to the original elements that made me fall in love with the music industry and that was the music. It was the feeling that the songs gave me,” Kenny says.

Kenny says capturing those feelings is what guided him through the recording process. “I wanted to make sure that all of those songs made me feel great,” he says. “Whether the subject matter was about something that wasn’t so pleasant in a relationship or something I had to work on, or whether it was about the great parts of love, I just wanted it to be relatable.”

The R&B veteran says the album title captures the essence of what he thinks makes a great song.  “I think of the heart of a love song being the lyrics, and the words and the story,” he says, “but all of the veins and components that make it live and exist would probably be the music and the emotion and everything else that comes along with the song.”

So what does Kenny hope fans ultimately take away from the album? “I’m trying to give people… the life of the music, because it’s really reflecting where I am right now,” he says. 

Led by the single “Love Me Back,” Anatomy of a Love Song, is available now via Sincere Soul Records/eOne Music.

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