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Kevin Ross reveals how Maxwell’s advice led to his success


Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesKevin Ross is riding the popularity of his hit single, “Long Song Away,” and he thanks Maxwell for some special songwriting advice.

“He told me to never do a song that I wouldn’t do 20 years from now,” Ross tells ”In this business everyone wants you to do trends because you are young. The youth needs to hear something else too. If there are hundreds of artists doing the same thing then why can’t I be a little left of center?”

Ross toured as an opening act for Maxwell and well as Ne-Yo, and he co-wrote the Trey Songz’ hit “Touchin, Lovin,” featuring Nicki Minaj

As a new Motown artist who writes, produces, sings and plays keyboards, Ross has been compared to a Motown legend, Stevie Wonder. “I don’t listen to comparisons,” he says. “There will never be another Stevie Wonder ever. That is a gift that is one of a kind. You only get one of those every couple of hundred years.“

The singer from Washington, D.C. hopes his music provides inspiration for young people.

“I feel like we all have greatness within us so we have to reach that zenith,” Ross says. “I feel like we don’t have enough music that tells our generation that we are worth it, that they belong, and have a purpose. I am just a little fragment to help contribute to that cause.” 

Ross is currently on tour with Ro James, and his debut CD The Awakening will be released March 24.

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