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Khalid recalls making a friend cry with his song Shot Down


Kacie TomitaAfter completing the finishing touches on his track “Shot Down,” Khalid had one goal in mind: to make his friend cry after listening to it. 

He tells Billboard that after a trip to Krispy Kreme with said friend, who was going through a rough patch with his girlfriend at the time, he “ended up playing “Shot Down,” in the hopes that the track would make him cry. 

The star was, in fact, successful at his attempt, adding, “The friend in me is like, ‘I don’t want him to cry. I want him to be happy.'” 

“We’re sitting in front of my house and the record’s playing. In the middle of the song I kind of look to the left. Boom. Just tears, just falling down his face. My friend is really crying over a box of doughnuts right now in his car in front of my house.” It’s not a good look.” 

Still, some good came from his friend’s sad moment, as Khalid recalls. 

He says, “So after the song is over, I ask him,  ‘How did you feel?’ And he thanked me. He told me, ‘Thank you for creating your song.'”

“For me, that was a win. Not just because the song made me cry. But because I recorded a song that meant something.” 

“That made someone feel. That shook someone up, but that made someone feel better.” 

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