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La’Porsha Renae Is Excited to Tour with Fantasia


Frank Micelotta/ FOXLa’Porsha Renae has gone from American Idol runner-up to getting ready to go on tour withAmerican Idol winner Fantasia Barrino.

The singer says she is ready for the challenge. 

“I was really excited to find out that she wanted me to join her on The Definition Of…tour. I don’t know really what to expect, just because I’ve never been on a tour before. Especially not with her. I’m really excited about it,” she tells ABC Radio.

 Her time spent on the American Idol stage during the series’ final season hopefully prepared La’Porsha for singing in front of huge audiences, as the singer says that being on the famous television show was a heady experience.

“At first, it’s really nerve-wracking. It feels like the room is so big and you’re so small,” says La’Porsha.  

“And then as the weeks continue and you keep getting yeses and you keep getting through, I don’t know if it’s because you build confidence or you just get used to your surroundings, but the room grows smaller and the stage grows bigger and that’s how it feels.”

La-Porsha found success auditioning for American Idol a second time, and while her first audition didn’t go as planned, things worked out for the best, she says. 

“I think it all happened the way it was supposed to. I didn’t expect to get that far this past season, the final season. I didn’t expect to get as far as I did,” she says.  

“But, I’ve just thanked God and thanked my friends and family and my fans for taking that journey with me and helping me get to where I am.”

La’Porsha’s tour with Fantasia kicks off November 16 in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

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