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Ledisi says Andy Warhol Museum inspired simplistic visual for High


Verve Label GroupLedisi recently announced that her ninth studio album, Let Love Rule, arrives everywhere September 22, and the music video for one of the disc’s singles, “High,” is out now.  

Fans will quickly notice that the visual is unlike any of her previous offerings, and the R&B/jazz singer credits a fateful trip to and a “crazy” experience at Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Museum.

“They had this exhibit where you sit and do the screen test and that’s what he would do with his friends and you would just sit there and he’s film you doing whatever,” Ledisi tells ABC Radio.  

“It’s so cool and weird and there’s people walking around the exhibit. I said, ‘I want to do this for my lyric video.'”  

Still, Ledisi’s love of art is varied. Not only does she appreciate a good Andy Warhol video installation, but the performer also has a deep affection for hip-hop.

“I love hip-hop. I always have,” she explains. “I used to pop lock. Carry a General Electric radio. I used to battle. I used to love Run DMC like crazy. I wanted the 505 jeans. I wanted to see Kool Mo Dee. That’s how I started.”

“But people don’t respect me knowing that I understand that generation and that style of music. They just think I’m a balladeer,” Ledisi adds. 

If the vocalist had her way, she would collaborate with a number of hip hop artists, such as A Tribe Called Quest, which she calls her “favorite group of all time,” Raphael Saadiq and…Sean “Diddy” Combs.  

“I wanna sing a Puffy hook,” she says. 

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