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Lil’ Mo dishes on her legend status and forthcoming album Separation Anxiety: Cynthia vs Lil’ Mo


Courtesy WeTVLil’ Mo is ready to set the record straight. Although she currently stars on the hit WeTV reality series Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition with her husband Karl Dargan, the hit-making R&B crooner says lately, people have forgotten that she’s more than just a TV personality.

“They just think that I’m from reality TV, or just think that I just popped up on the scene,” Mo tells ABC Radio. “But at the end of the day, I’ve been doing this professionally for 20 years, so I’ve got history. And, I’m really finally walking into the footsteps into who I am…being a legend.”

Of course, a little prompting from fans never hurt anyone.

“The people be like, ‘Do you know do you know who you are?’ And I didn’t realize that until now,” Mo’ explains.

But, for the “Superwoman” singer, the only way to really set the record straight on her accomplishments is by to give her fans brand new music.

“Now, I’m finalizing my project called Separation Anxiety: Cynthia vs Lil’ Mo,” Mo says.

Although she’s keeping mum on what to expect, Mo says her new project will be different than the “empowering songs” that’s she’s sung in the past.

Mo has yet to announce a release date for Separation Anxiety: Cynthia vs Lil’ Mo.

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