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Lil Nas X jokingly leaves LGBT community after learning he’s Saweetie’s celebrity guy crush


Terence Patrick/CBS

Saweetie‘s crush on Lil Nas X has prompted his “exit” from the LGBTQ community.

After learning the Icy rapper named him her celebrity guy crush, X took to Twitter and jokingly announced his departure. “goodbye lgbt community,” Lil Nas wrote next to a heart emoji. “We had a great run.”

Saweetie had revealed her crush during her interview with E! News. “He is so fine to me,” she said of Lil Nas. “He look better than me …I be like, ‘What is your skin regimen?’”

She’d expressed similar sentiments when clearing up rumors that she’d liked a tweet that questioned Lil Nas’ sexuality. “he was lookin fine af that’s why I liked the video I didn’t see the shadiness ….*unlikes*” Saweetie wrote.

Lil Nas also responded to the original tweet, in which a user claimed he was “not really gay or not really that feminine.”

“oh no guys it’s the estrogen expert,” he tweeted.

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