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LisaRaye says she almost came to blows with Stacey Dash on the ‘Single Ladies’ set


Marcus Ingram/Getty ImagesLisaRaye is sharing some of the behind the scenes drama that happened while she starred on the VH1 drama series Single Ladies.

In a now viral clip from her Uncensored episode, Raye reveals she almost came to blows with her Single Ladies co-star, Stacey Dash.

“She would never deliver the line the way they wanted her to,” McCoy said. “So we took a break and when we took a break I walked over to her and said, ‘Stacey, just do the line the way she wants you to do it so we can get up outta here.'”

LisaRaye then says Dash responded by putting a finger in her face and telling her “you don’t tell me anything.”

According to Raye, that’s when things went left.

“You can hear a pin drop on set, because when I tell you every bit of South Side Chicago was brewing up in here,” Raye said, referencing her stomach. “That made me go, ‘Ahh Stacey, if you don’t get your motherf****** finger out my face… But that was all I had to say. Because once I said that, she took off and made a beeline to her dressing room.”

Not surprisingly, fans have sounded off on Raye’s comments, praising her for being so open and honest about her life.

“I’m so glad she told us about what it was like working with [Dash],” tweeted one fan. “I always wondered if the rest of cast got along with her.”

“Whew she was about to let miss Stacey HAVE IT in that dressing room!,” joked another.

Another fan asked for a network to give Raye her own platform. “I want HER to have a tv show!!! She is a wholeeeee mood.”

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