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Lizzo reveals how a nervous breakdown helped her career


ABC/Image Group LALizzo was the queen of 2019 with numerous honors, including TIME magazine’s Entertainer of the Year. She’s overcome several obstacles, including being homeless, as well as a nervous breakdown in 2018, which she says  actually helped her career.

That because the “Truth Hurts” singer started therapy, and those sessions boosted her confidence.

“That was really scary,” she tells Rolling Stone in their February cover story. “But being vulnerable with someone I didn’t know, then learning how to be vulnerable with people that I do know, gave me the courage to be vulnerable as a vocalist.”

Lizzo became depressed after ending her romance with the man who inspired many of the songs on her breakout album, Cuz I Love You. But like her therapy, she says the breakup was also good for her.

“I needed that heartbreak experience,” she says. “I’m not sad, because I use the pain so constructively. It’s inevitable. The pain is human experience.”

The Hustlers star also suffered from low self-esteem when boyfriends left her for slimmer women. Now she’s become a champion for plus-size females.

“I’ve come to terms with body dysmorphia and evolved,” she says. “The body-positive movement is doing the same thing. We’re growing together, and it’s growing pains, but I’m just glad that I’m attached to something so organic and alive.”

Lizzo’z success has also brought critics, from body shamers to those who says her music’s for white people.

“My music is for everybody,” she responds. ”As a black woman, I make music for people, from an experience that is from a black woman. I’m making music that hopefully makes other people feel good and helps me discover self-love.”

Lizzo’s now preparing to perform at Sunday’s Grammy Awards. She leads all artists with eight nominations, including Best New Artist.

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