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Lizzo says new Absolut Juice partnership was really exciting to me



Lizzo‘s got the “Juice” — and now it’s got an extra kick to it.  In what seems to be a match made in heaven, the singer has partnered with Absolut Vodka to promote the company’s Absolut Juice beverages, which are made with vodka, fruit juice and natural flavorings.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Lizzo explains that she said yes because of her song “Juice,” obviously, but it was more than that.

“I’m very selective and weird about partnerships, because I like to stay true to myself and really authentic,” she explains. “The people at Absolut also were really conscious about staying true to me and what Team Lizzo is and what the Lizzo world looks like.”

“They even included the big girls, and they were talking about the creative and visuals, and that was really exciting to me,” the “Truth Hurts” singer adds.

Absolut Juice comes in strawberry and apple flavors and is meant to be mixed with soda water and ice.

As for what “Juice” means to Lizzo, she tells The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s a cultural thing. Like with black people, if you got the juice, you got the sauce, you got the swagger, you got it!”

“Right now it’s such an incredible time for black women, such an incredible time for body diversity and thick girls and big girls,” she explains. “To be a part of this movement and to be a part of this moment that we’re having, I really wanted to sum that up into words, and be like, “Not only do you got it, girl, I got it, too. I got the juice. I’m it.”

“So that’s kinda what ‘Juice’ is all about — celebrating how popping we are,” Lizzo says.

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