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Luke James Says Label Already Wants a New Album


Photo Courtesy of Simone Smalls PRLuke James released his self-titled debut album last September, but that doesn’t mean he’s free from the pressure to put out new music.

“My label would like me to do another album,” he told journalists earlier this month at the Verizon Wireless dinner inside the iconic Dooky Chase’s Restaurant during Essence Music Festival.

“I would like to do another album. But I would like that album to come out next year,” he continued. “For them, it’s old — hopefully next month. You know? For me, I just put an album eight months ago. I need to let people grow and build up and you have the album and you’re gonna play the album and they’re gonna be like, ‘Who’s that?’ And then they’re having a heartbreak and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, I want to hear “Exit Wounds” and I love that song! You should hear it too.’ That’s how music used to be.”

The Grammy Award-winning singer says he wants to put some thought into his next effort.  “Anybody can put a beat together and anyone can come up with some little line like, ‘I got my shirt on, unh. I got my shirt on, unh. I got my shirt on, unh,'” he says.  “Everybody’s like, ‘Oh my God!…Oh my God, that’s a hit.’ People really don’t have time to live with music like they used to. Let it become part of your life.”

Luke points to another artist to make his point.

“Everyone’s just waiting for Frank Ocean‘s album; just waiting. We’re waiting for it!” he says.  “Because he just doesn’t put himself out there so much.  When he does put something out, it means something.”

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