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Macy Gray brings her fans “ear candy” with her new album, Ruby


 Gabriel Olsen/Getty ImagesMacy Gray is back with a new album, Ruby, designed to bring her fans “ear candy” and ”excitement.”

“I just wanna give people, like, ear candy, like, something you can close your eyes to and you just love it,” the Grammy Award-winner tells ABC Radio.

“Music is just supposed to make you feel better,” she says. “You can give people that moment where they just have….for three-and-a-half minutes, your life is good, because your favorite song is on, so that’s always my goal.”

As for the title of her new album, she says Ruby wasn’t her first choice.

“I wanted to call my album Red because that stands for like excitement.” Gray says. “But it turns out everybody knows Red is also the name of 50 other albums.”

“I think every other artist in the world has an album called Red, so we’re like, ‘There’s other types of red.’ There’s scarlet, crimson, and then somebody said ‘ruby.’ I thought, ‘OK.’”  (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Ruby, which is out today, features Gray’s latest single, “Sugar Daddy.”

Since releasing her triple platinum debut album On How Life Is in 1999, Gray has diversified her career, starring in several movies, including Training Day with Denzel Washington, and “For Colored Girls,” directed by Tyler Perry.

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