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Macy Gray’s children keep her grounded: When we’re at home, I’m not a big deal at all


Giuliano BekorNearly 20 years after the release of her smash hit “I Try,” Macy Gray hasn’t allowed her fame to go to her head, and it’s all thanks to her kids.

Speaking with ABC Radio, the award-winning soul singer shares how her three kids — Aanisah, 24,  Tahmel, 23, and Happy, 22 — help her keep her ego in check. 

“They totally root for me,” Gray says of her trio of twentysomethings.  “But, when we’re at home, I’m, like, not a big deal at all. Like, I’m so unimportant.”

According to Gray, her celebrity status doesn’t keep her from having to do the things that most moms have to do, such as reminding her children to do simple tasks like washing the dishes or locking the front door. 

“I just think they have to stop calling 20-year-olds ‘adults,’ like, that needs to be law,” the Grammy-winning vocalist laughs. “Because they’re not. I’m sorry.”

Gray even says that her son is still very much her baby boy, despite the fact that he’s becoming a young man. 

“There’s no way he’s an adult and should be able to do what he wants now,” she jokes.  

When she’s not in mom mode, Gray is still very much in the business. Late last year, the singer dropped  her 10th studio album, Ruby, and played a string of European tour dates.

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