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Mariah Carey reveals her biggest dating dealbreaker


Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for MC

Mariah Carey knows she’s a catch, so she has this small piece of advice to the potential suitor who wants to win her heart: “You have to love Christmas.”

Speaking with E!’s Daily Pop recently, the decorated singer said everyone in her family is a big fan of the holiday, so they “have the best time at Christmas.”  That means she’ll kick anyone to the curb who threatens to wreck the halls.

“There was a person in my life at one time — we won’t say names — and they didn’t love holidays,” Mariah remarked. “And I was like, ‘Well you’re with the wrong person then, honey.'”

The “Fantasy” singer doubled down that hating the holidays is her dating dealbreaker. She also hinted that being a fellow Christmas lover may be a requirement to get on her good side.

This should be common knowledge considering Mariah is dubbed the “Queen of Christmas,” but since she just said she dumped someone over their aversion to the holidays, it doesn’t hurt to set such an important dating rule in stone — or on top of a Christmas tree.


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