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Mariah Carey talks new album, new Vegas residency; calls fan reaction to bipolar reveal really nice


Dennis LeupoldFollowing her revelation that she’s being treated for bipolar II disorder, it’s back to business for Mariah Carey.

The singer is currently working on a new album and prepping for her new Las Vegas residency The Butterfly Returns, which begins in July.  But she tells People magazine that she’s grateful that her fans have been so supportive of her decision to speak openly about her struggle with mental illness.

“It was really nice,” Mariah tells People. “I say things off the cuff, but sometimes you have to be serious about things. It’s life. Everybody has their own stuff. As long as I don’t have to stop being myself, it’s just who I am.”

Mariah, who says her new album will be a mix of ballads and upbeat songs, tells People, “Writing is my favorite part of the process. Most people may love performing more — I’m not saying I don’t — but my favorite thing is being in the lab and working on new material and pouring my heart into it.”

As for the new residency, Mariah explains how it’ll be different from her previous one, which focused on all her #1 hits.  “It’s more like the fan favorites,” she says. “It’s something else for me to feel connected with the fans through the songs.”

She adds, “It’s not like one of those extravaganzas. This is more like, ‘Here we are, we’re together. Oh, you want me to do this song tonight?’ Maybe I’ll take a request from the audience. My band are such great players and singers.”

But don’t worry — her wardrobe won’t be anything less than extravagant.

“I kind of can’t help myself,” she laughs.  “I don’t know when I’m understated. Maybe in my sleep, and even then it’s not understated!”

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