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Mariah Carey’s former choreographer says superstar’s performances are lackluster


ABC/ Lou RoccoMariah Carey‘s performances have been heavily scrutinized by fans since her controversial New Year’s Rockin’ Eve appearance, which was plagued by technical difficulties.  

But the superstar’s former choreographer and creative director, Anthony Burrell  — who was  fired right after the New Year’s Eve debacle — tells Complex that the singer’s recent shows are actually just “typical Mariah.” 

He explains, “Mariah is clear: when she doesn’t wanna do something, she doesn’t do it. She’s performing with [sic] lackluster and no f**** given, and it’s taking away her star.”

Burrell adds that without his guidance, Mimi’s onstage capabilities have visibly dropped “to where she was before” because her current team “doesn’t care.”

He says, “They’re not guiding and directing her. It’s not like she’s never looked this bad before; I just stepped her game up.”

He also tells Complex that when he was working with Mariah, he noticed that her team was “flat-out inexperienced.”

“It felt like they were so new at their jobs, and had no direction,” he claims.  

“Some of the dancers her team hired are great dancers, but they’re not choreographers or creative directors.”  

If you’re upset at Anthony’s comments, you should know that he does credit the diva as being a “world-class artist” and “great person to work with.” 

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