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Marsha Ambrosius on falling in love with her husband: “I ran through sprinklers in the middle of the night


Dez Billups2017 was a landmark year for Marsha Ambrosius: She turned 40 and got married for the first time.  Her marriage, and her daughter, both inspired her current album, Nyla.

As Marsha recalls, she fell in love with her husband, Dez Billups, in July of 2015 during the Floetryreunion tour.  “I didn’t know that would ever happen to me,” she tells ABC Radio. “I ran through sprinklers in the middle of the night on a private residence like it was absolutely from a movie.” 

One month later, Dez, a roadie, celebrated her birthday on the final date of the tour.

“He presented me with flowers and chocolate covered strawberries and a little gift on stage after the last song,” Ambrosius recalls.

After the singer became pregnant with their daughter Nyla in 2016, Dez shocked her by proposing at her baby shower, right after a video played in which he described how much he loved her.

“He’s elaborating on how he’s excited to be a dad and can’t wait for Nyla to get here,” she says. “How much he loves me. And, at the end of it he says, ‘There’s one thing I want you to be before you become the mother of my child,’ and when he said that, I was like, ‘Wait, does he mean be his wife?’”

Marsha was completely caught by surprise.

“He got on one knee and I just start sobbing. Could not stop crying,” she says. “He slipped the ring on my finger. It was just such an emotional moment. I can’t watch the video without crying. It was amazing.” 

Now Dez and Marsha work and travel together. She’s currently opening for Maxwell on his 50 Intimate Nights tour, which continues through December 9 in New York City.

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