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Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Pens Open Letter About Donald Trump


ABC/ Ida Mae AstuteMary Mary‘s Tina Campbell wrote an open letter Wednesday, detailing her thoughts on President Donald Trump

“Despite the unfortunate reality that we live in a country which is divided by our differences, misguided by ignorance and fear, obsessed with power, and overcome with greed, I still choose to believe that better days are coming. I believe that, although America and all its leaders are far from perfect, our spiritual guidance and covering that has been granted from our initial decision to be ‘One nation under God,’ is what has established us as the great nation that we are,” she begins. 

“I understand that Mr. Donald Trump is our new president, not our God, so as citizen I choose to have a sensible expectation of him, accompanied by much prayer for him, and a complete dependency on God to work through him, as well as the others that are in office, to secure the welfare of this nation. I choose to opt out of fear of the unknown but rather opt in to hopeful expectation because if God is for us nothing can successfully stand against us,” Tina adds.  

You can read Tina’s letter in full on Facebook via  

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