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Maxwell releases ominous new single, “We Never Saw It Coming”


Photo courtesy of the artistAfter teasing new music over the past few weeks, Maxwell released his new single, “We Never Saw It Coming,” Wednesday.

The song is accompanied by a short film called The Glass House featuring Nigerian model/journalist Yomi Abiola. The three-time Grammy Award winner tweeted clips from the mini-movie as he appears with her in a spacious home atop a mountain. She’s pregnant, and obviously angry as she slams a coffee cup in the kitchen.

As the couple sit across from each other at a table, she says, “What are you saying, I don’t understand.”

Later, as she holds a baby in her arms, they stand at a window, holding hands, and witness an explosion from afar as a mushroom cloud forms over the city.

In the song, Maxwell sings, “We never been so divided, scattered and spread among/Like useful ashes the phoenix overcomes/And what can I do I know it’s so uncontrollable/We never saw it, like the bombs that’s blasting, religious clashing, the world is asking/We never saw this, we never never saw this coming, coming.”

The film was directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, who shot the short film Kill Jay-Z  for JAY-Z’s 2017 album 4:44.

Maxwell’s most recent album, blackSummers’night, was released July 1, 2016. No word yet on the release date of his next album. 

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