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Melanie Fiona Talks Finding Herself While Recording New Album, Awake


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Melanie Fiona has discovered herself while recording her new album, Awake, her first studio effort in three years.

The singer revealed how important its been to be authentic as a artist as she’s been working on the new album.  “I feel like sometimes people know my songs but haven’t gotten the opportunity to know me,” she tells VIBE.

Melanie continues to say that Awake will give her fans a new appreciation for her music. She says, “I want to make people feel good and I want people to feel that they are not alone, that this album and me as an artist represent a voice for people to feel like, ‘Yeah, that is the life we’re living and we’re living it together so let’s do our part to move forward positively, and do some really great things while we are alive here.”

Awake is due out later this year via Title 9 Productions/Primary Wave Music/BMG.

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