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Michael Evans Behling shares the joy of seeing growth in his ‘All American’ character


Erik Voake/The CWMichael Evans Behling stepped into new territory for the new season of CW’s All American as Jordan Baker. 

The high school football drama returned for its third season with Jordan contemplating fatherhood with his pregnant girlfriend, Simone Hicks, played by Geffri Maya. The two share a complicated relationship, which got even more complicated after Simone revealed the baby was not his at the end of season two. Even so, Jordan professed his love for Simone and agreed to raise the child as his own. 

Behling tells ABC Audio he appreciates his character’s growth into a “more well rounded Jordan. He’s kind of stepped into his role as a leader, as a team captain.”

He admitted Jordan was a bit “sidetracked” last season dealing with his parents separation and his father, Billy Baker, played by Taye Diggs moving out of the family home. Not to mention, Jordan became “disrespectful and kind of taking advantage of women,” says Behling. 

“And then we kind of see him come back in the light and he kind of blossoms like a flower into this mature, well-rounded young man, which I love to see,” he continues. “I appreciate the writers for doing what they’ve done to allow him to grow from this kid who is as frustrated as any kid would be and he’s lashing out, as most kids do.”

“He has his catalyst, which is Simone, which then allows him to kind of get back on track and I think it almost opens his eyes to who he wants to be,” says Behling. “So I’m excited to see what season three holds.”

Tune into the next episode of All American, which airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on CW. 

By Rachel George
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