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Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson reflect on how their love grew stronger as she coped with depression


Courtesy of OWNMichelle Williams and her fiancée Chad Johnson share their romance on the new reality series, Chad Loves Michelle, and they say their love has grown stronger as she copes with the depression she recently revealed to the public.

After getting engaged in April, Michelle briefly broke off their engagement as she experienced doubt about her own self-worth.

“Just going through a place of feeling like you have what you prayed for, and then when you get it, its like, OK, I’m not worth it,” she tells ABC Radio. “That’s so silly, but just to know that I think we’re more in love because he stayed with me through it all.”  

Chad, who is a pastor, explained how he coped with Michelle’s emotional struggles. “I really had to focus on the fact that I love her and I had to focus on her needs right now,” he says. 

The former Destiny’s Child singer remembers that, through her ordeal, she never had doubts that Chad was the man of her dreams.

“I didn’t have cold feet. I know that I want him. Marry him. I know that he’s the one,” she says. “But it was my own inner dealings and workings of not feeling like, OK, am I good enough for him? I think the ring on my finger exposed what needed to be really dealt with and healed.”

Chad remembers how he helped Michelle heal.

“I just had to say, I know that she needs somebody that’s a rock right now and I’m gonna do the best I can to put my feelings aside.” 

Watch Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson reveal the ups and down of their love affair in Chad Loves Michelle, which premieres Saturday at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

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