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Miguel Hired Trainer During Photo Shoot for Wildheart Album Cover


Photo Credit: Daniel Sannwald

Miguel seems to be in the best shape of his life on the cover of his latest album Wildheart. It turns out, the singer went to extreme lengths to make sure he was photo-shoot ready, according to German photographer Daniel Sannwald, who shot the cover.

“He had a trainer on set, which I was really impressed by,” Sannwald says to Instagram’s blog. “Between every shot they would work out a little bit to make sure everything looked as good as possible. And he didn’t eat the whole day — almost nothing.”

Sannwald also revealed what it was like working with the singer: “He’s such a sweet and open-minded person, so it’s really easy to connect with him.” 

Interestingly, Sannwald adds that he was hired specifically to create an LSD-inspired cover.  “I love anything psychedelic,” he adds. “I love colors. I love to create unexpected worlds.”

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