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Miguel on Possible Grammy Nominations: It Would be a Tremendous Honor


Photo Credit: Daniel Sannwald

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards nominations will be announced today, December 7, but Miguel is playing it cool when it comes to the chance of earning a nod for his latest album, Wildheart. After receiving much praise for his project, the singer tells ABC Radio that he is unaware of the Grammy buzz surrounding it.

“I don’t even know about any Grammy talks,” he laughs. “[But] I mean if it is [nominated], absolutely man, absolutely, it would be a tremendous honor.”

The singer explains why Grammy nods, which are awards voted on by industry insiders, are so special. “I’ve said this before, you know, you love to have the praise of your fans and the people who have found your music and that it resonates,” he says. “You know, it’s different when it’s the people who have make music their lives in the same way, shape or form that you have, and that their lives really revolve around music and being involved music and are completely immersed in music. It’s cool to kind of have them recognize your work and your efforts.”

Still, Miguel is keeping a level head about his odds. “But then, I mean, it’s also a thing where you can’t put too much into the thought of it. So there’s definitely a balance, there’s a balance that you have to have because we as artists shouldn’t create for accolades.” 

Miguel will likely have his fingers crossed when the 58th Annual Grammy Award nominations are revealed at 8:30 a.m. ET.

The singer won his first Grammy in 2013; he took home the Best R&B Song award for “Adorn.”

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