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Miguel Says His Debut Album Helped Create Audience for The Weeknd & Frank Ocean


Photo Credit: Daniel SannwaldMiguel prides himself on his artistic integrity, but he wants credit for his debut album, All I Want Is You clearing the way for the other artists.

In an interview with Beat magazine, the singer speaks candidly about artists like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean having success with his sound.

“You know what, let’s just be straight up OK? All I Want Is You came out when the temperature for R&B music was very, very different. And that album is a jump-off to a lot of different sounds that really caught fire. So if you go back to All I Want is You, and you listen to ‘Girl with a Tattoo’ — that song was a jump-off for The Weeknd,” Miguel states. “There is no Frank Ocean, there is no The Weeknd, without All I Want Is You

Miguel clarifies that he isn’t suggesting that “they wouldn’t have made it,” but he believes that there was “no audience for that s*** before All I Want Is You. The audience wasn’t really ready. That album, for R&B, it opened a lot of minds to something new.”

The singer adds: “It’s just building upon. And that’s what we’re supposed to do. It’s like, there would be no All I Want is You without ‘Cherry Blue Skies’ by Robin Thicke, or without the first N.E.R.D record. There was no room for me without those parts of the puzzle.”

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