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Mo’Nique says she wants an apology from Oprah Winfrey, accuses mogul of using her family for ratings


ABC/Jeff NeiraMo’Nique issues with Oprah Winfrey are far from over.

Mo’s most recent gripe about Winfrey comes from her claim that she was blackballed after she refused to travel overseas to promote Lee Daniels Precious, which was produced by Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. However, Mo’Nique says that’s not the main reason why she’s furious with the media mogul.

In an interview with Comedy Hype, Mo’ says Winfrey still owes her an apology for bringing her family — including her parents and the brother who allegedly molested her — onto her show without Mo’s knowledge or consent.

“Until that woman says ‘Let me apologize to you publicly’ it’ll be until the day I leave this earth,” Mo’Nique said. “What you did was malicious, and it was intentional and it was ugly.”

The Oscar-winning actress revealed that she tried to confront Winfrey about the incident in 2014, at a star-studded Oscar party hosted by Alfre Woodard for Lupita Nyong’o.

During the party, Mo’Nique took the opportunity to address Winfrey face-to-face.

“’Why would you have my mother on your show?’ [I said this] in front of everyone,” she recalls.

She says she told Oprah, “You don’t understand what I’ve had to walk through since you’ve had my mother on your show…I gotta deal with women coming up to me in WalMart saying, “Mo’Nique your mama ain’t s***.” You don’t understand what position you put me in doing that, so this is my moment to talk to you.”

According to Mo’, Winfrey offered a “cowardly” response.

“She said, ‘If you think I did something wrong, I want to apologize,’” Mo’ recalls. “And what my husband told me a long time ago [is], ‘An apology isn’t something you think you need to give…it’s what you feel.'”

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