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More People Claim to Be Heirs to Prince Estate


Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesIt’s been nearly two months since Prince passed away on April 21, and the number of claims to his estate continues to grow.

In addition to his known descendants, several more people, including three claimed half-siblings and two alleged children, say they are related in court documents filed this week, USA Today reports.

One of the people claiming to be children is 43-year-old Taz Laeni Walker, who says she was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and adopted by a family that knew Prince. In her statement, she writes, “A friend of my (adoptive) father told me…my mother had multiple sexual partners and Prince’s name was mentioned. I inferred from these conversations that my mother had sex with Prince. I believe that I may be the daughter of Prince.”

This week’s claims were filed after the June 10 deadline, so they may not be considered. The next estate court hearing is scheduled for June 27.

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