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‘Mother on a mission’ Wins Georgia Congressional Seat; Lucy McBath Turns Grief Into Action


(KRNB) – A mother of a teen son who as killed by gun violence in 2012, turned has turned her grief into action in more ways than one.  Lucy McBath worked with  ‘Moms Demand Action,’ and the Trayvon Martin Foundation in the early months after her son Jordan Davis’ death.  He was fatally shot in the head at a Jacksonville, Florida gas station for playing loud music by then 47-year old Michael Dunn – a white man – who was eventually convicted after two trials of first degree murder.  Dunn was sentenced to life without parole.

This past week, McBath is among some 100 women elected to Congress in the 2018 Midterms; she’ll be representing Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

 McBath told Diversity Inc. that she had been advised not to talk about the details of her 17-year-old son’s murder on the campaign trail.  Instead, she not only mentioned Jordan Davis’ story, she also called attention to the reality of other Black teens like him, including Trayvon Martin.

Lucy McBath, Jordan Davis (Facebook)


On the campaign trail she said, “I’m risking my son’s legacy for the people of this district.”

“I knew that I could no longer sit on the sidelines, while the politicians in the pocket of the gun manufacturing lobby decide the future of our gun laws.  What I’m doing today is still mothering his legacy. I’m extending what I would do for my son to my community.”

In reaction to McBath’s win,  Democratic pollster Zac McCrary told HuffPost last month, that Georgia was “becoming more Democratic by the day.”

“This win is just the beginning. We’ve sent a strong message to the entire country. Absolutely nothing – no politician & no special interest – is more powerful than a mother on a mission.”

(Source: Diversity Inc.)

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