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Netflix moves to dismiss Mo’Nique gender and racial discrimination lawsuit


NetflixNetflix is officially firing back at Mo’Nique‘s gender and racial discrimination lawsuit, calling the comedian’s retaliation claims “nonsensical.”

In a motion filed on Monday, Netflix says that Mo failed to explain why she deserved the same pay for a stand-up special as “mega-stars” like Eddie Murphy and Amy Schumer

As previously noted, Mo’Nique filed a lawsuit in November, alleging that the streamer broke the law when it lowballed her for a comedy special. Netflix reportedly offered $500,000 to the Oscar winner to film a comedy special, which Mo argued wasn’t reasonable since Schumer was offered $11 million and other notable comedians, like Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, were offered $20 million.

In new motion, Netflix is asking a judge to dismiss several of her claims.

“[H]er Complaint contradicts its core premise by noting that other persons of color, other women, and another African-American woman (like Plaintiff) have been paid substantially more money to create comedy specials for Netflix’s streaming service than what was offered to Plaintiff,” the complaint reads. “And Plaintiff fails to explain why she was entitled to be offered what the stars to whom she compares herself were offered for creating such comedy specials.”

Netflix also refutes Mo’Nique’s claims that they retaliated against her for speaking out on social media.

“Plaintiff’s retaliation theory is, indeed, nonsensical,” the motion declares. “Plaintiff appears to claim that after she made a public call for a boycott based upon an opening offer that Netflix believed was fair, Netflix had an affirmative obligation to increase its offer, without a counteroffer from Plaintiff, and apparently without any limit on the amount of the offer Plaintiff could demand.”

Mo’Nique has yet to respond Netflix’s motion.

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