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New COVID Relief Bill Includes 2nd Stimulus Check & $300-Weekly Jobless Benefit


After months of haggling, Congress is expected to pass 2nd second relief package today (Sunday), which could mean $600 stimulus checks, a $300-a-week federal unemployment benefit if you’re not working. Small business owners could also get another shot at federal loan money and, and student loan payments will be until April 2021.  The bill also provides money; money for vaccine distribution and renters,  schools, the postal service and people needing food assistance.

Now, when will the checks start flowing is the question.  The first checks took about 3-4 weeks to hit folks bank accounts; a little longer if your got a paper check.  The Treasury Department says that since the IRS is already set up from the first round, checks that are direct deposited will get to you faster.    And, of course there are some people who say that they never got the first check. That’s sad. Hopefully, things will be better this time around.

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