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New Music Wednesday – Dominque Toney – “Loving You’s So Easy”


New Music Wednesday is back! This week, Dominque Toney’s “Loving You’s So Easy” is the featured record. A link to the song is below. After checking out the new single, vote in our BedLoo poll. If you’d like us to play this record more, click the green check. If it doesn’t quite float your boat, hit the red X.

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Prepare to see and hear a lot of the young, beautiful, multi-talented and far-from-ordinary Dominique Toney in the years to come. Her natural gifts and pro-honed skills in every facet of the performing arts have arrived at peak proficiency and are about to take flight on the wings of her debut album, A Love Like Ours, on which she wrote or co-wrote all but one of the 11 songs, sings, scats, plays keyboards, executive produced and handled vocal arrangements. Revealing her heart like an open book via this richly eclectic alternative soul-pop collection, divinely driven Dominique shares her heart-on-sleeve love story like a woman who has been prepping for this close-up all her life. Listeners and future fans are going to be all the better for it.

Dominique Toney’s A Love Like Ours (available August 12) is a loosely thematic song cycle detailing the arc of a relationship— the joy, the pain and the lessons learned. The music moves from the sassily flirtatious opener “Loving You’s So Easy” to the jazzy Latin swing of the title track “A Love Like Ours” (featuring Dominique’s father Kevin Toney, founding keyboardist of 2x Grammy®-nominated group The Blackbyrds) to a powerful heart-tugging ballad entitled “Pieces” (featuring Ray Parker Jr. on acoustic and electric guitars) to the mid-tempo dance pop piece “Blink of An Eye.” There’s also a very hip cover of Carly SINGER/SONGWRITER DOMINIQUE TONEY DEBUTS WITH ECLECTIC & CONFESSIONAL ALTERNATIVE SOUL-POP SONG CYCLE A LOVE LIKE OURS 11-SONG CD FEATURES SPECIAL GUESTS RAY PARKER JR. AND DOMINIQUE’S FATHER KEVIN TONEY (FOUNDING KEYBOARDIST OF THE BLACKBYRDS) “A OBVIOUSLY TALENTED, VISIONARY AND BRAVE YOUNG LADY TO PUT OUT SUCH AN ARTISTIC MASTERPIECE.”—BOB DAVIS, SOUL PATROL Simon’s smoldering `70s liberated woman classic “Vengeance” (featuring lead and rhythm guitar by Rob Bacon of “The Arsenio Hall Show” Posse Band) and a brilliant collaboration with Lebrese Black on “Just Don’t Know” which features a rap and a wicked string section line.

“I’m feeling quite vulnerable these days,” Dominique confesses, “because this album is very personal…all about a relationship. ‘What will people think?’ ‘What will he think?’ ‘Will people like it?’ ‘And if they don’t like it, how will that make me feel?’ I wasn’t thinking about trends or making a big pop song. It was, ‘Oh, he’s seeing someone new and he started this relationship before ours ended – I have to write a song! It’s literally the only way I’m going to be able to process what’s going on.” Dominique has already shot vibrant and captivating music videos
for the songs “Loving You’s So Easy” and “We Are” that are in circulation on YouTube, her website ( and other outlets.

Throughout all of this wondrously eclectic yet fitting music, Dominique commands her leads and handles her own overdubbed harmonies with striking results that let the listener know straight from the gate: “this is a real musician who knows her stuff.” Trained in piano from the age of 6 and singing all along (honed to perfection in college years at NYU), Dominique’s passion path was all the more divinely ordained by her being born to parents that recognized and nurtured her early on. Her father, Kevin Toney, is an award-winning Pianist, Recording Artist and Composer best known as a founding member of Donald Byrd’s legendary `70s band the Blackbyrds (“Walking in Rhythm,” “Rock Creek Park”). Her mother, Phyllis Toney, is a highly respected Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor for rock-n-soul royalty such as Sir Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Sting and Aerosmith. Together, they have laid the foundation for Dominique’s thorough understanding of the performing arts in the spotlight and behind the scenes. Dominique compounded this advantage by earning a B.F.A. from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where she excelled not only in music but acting, improv and dance. So advanced is Dominique in her skill sets that she balances her busy music career (which includes touring as a lead singer and second keyboardist in The Blackbyrds, and touring as the lead background vocalist for the soundtrack to the upcoming film “The Identical” starring Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd) with her burgeoning acting career. Stunning new artist Dominique Toney is currently funneling all of her creativity, abilities and experience into her highly impressive
and personal A Love Like Ours debut – released via the family company K-Tone Enterprises. A LOVE LIKE OURS – IN STORES AUGUST 12

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