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Nick Cannon’s King of the Dancehall will encourage you to stay true to your passion


Photo Courtesy of YouTube RedNick Cannon wrote, executive produced, directed and stars in the new movie King of the Dancehall, which is out now on YouTube Red.  

The entertainer-mogul, who plays native New Yorker turned Jamaica transplant Tarzan Brixton in the film, says that if there’s one overall message to take away from the flick, it’s “to stay true to your passion.”  

Nick tells ABC Radio, “The passion of Jamaica, the passion of dancehall. This truly is the music of the people and what inspires them continues to inspire the entire world. It can live on eternally.”  

King of the Dancehall boasts intrigue, music, dancing and, at its core, a love story for fans to enjoy. In addition, many big name artists, including Busta Rhymes, and others credited with bringing dancehall music to the mainstream, like Beenie Man and Sean Paul, also appear.  

Nick tells ABC Radio that he was inspired by his first trip to Jamaica, during which he “fell in love” with the popular music form.  

As a result, he aimed to showcase dancehall culture to popular culture in his own way because “a lot of people don’t know the heritage and the lineage behind this music.”  

“When you see Rihanna and Beyoncé doing dancehall moves, it comes from right here. It originated in Kingston with the dancehall dancers and the dancehall queens,” he adds.  

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