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Not all fans happy with Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Snoop Dogg interview


Eric Michael RoyFans don’t seem to be there for Jada Pinkett-Smith after she sat down with Snoop Dogg to address his profanity-filled comments about Gayle King

Wednesday on Red Table Talk, Jada confronted the rapper about his derogatory comments towards the CBS host after she questioned former WNBA champ Lisa Leslie about Kobe Bryant‘s 2003 rape case. 

Snoop expressed his opinion about the interview on social media, for which he later apologized for. But the damage was already done, as fans assumed he threatened her King, though Snoop apologized for being disrespectful and mishandling his emotions. 

Jada posted a teaser clip from her interview, in which she revealed her “heart dropped” when she heard Snoop’s  response, prompting her to want to have an in-depth conversation with him, “in the spirit of healing.” 

“I felt like, not only were you talking to Gayle, you were talking to me,” said Jada.  “I said, ‘Oh, no, Snoop has now taken his power flow away from me, away from Willow, away from my mother. I was like, ‘Not Snoop.'”

Fans were quick to troll Jada for making the interview about her and attacking Snoop. One fan called Jada out for “trying to UN-man Snoop over FAIL KING! This ain’t it sister!”

“Shout out to Snoop Dogg who held his own and stood in his truth at that wack ass red table that Jada Pinkett-Smith always makes about herself,” another tweet read.

Yet another fan said the video “makes me embarrassed for all womankind. How did Snoop Dogg become the villain? The media is so smooth with their bs. We’re literally ignoring the reason Snoop Dogg was speaking out in the 1st place. Gayle King was WAY outta pocket. #jadapinkettsmith is a joke for this.”

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