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Ol’ Dirty Bastard Reportedly Couldn’t Stay Awake During a Studio Session with Mariah Carey


Neil Lupin/RedfernsIt’s hard to believe how many hits Mariah Carey has to her credit, but have you ever wondered how some of those collaborations came together?

In a new article, Billboard explores the stories behind some of those collaborations. Record executive Cory Rooney recalls an interesting story about Ol’ Dirty Bastard contributing — and falling asleep — while recording Mi Mi’s “Fantasy (Remix).”

“I reached out to ODB and he wanted $15,000 to rap on the record,” Rooney said of the the late Wu Tang Clan member. “He finally showed up, three hours late, and when he got there, it was about 10:30 at night. He had been drinking, and was on the phone when he walked in. Irate, screaming at some girl how he’s gonna come kill her, he’s going to kick her a**…and then whispering, ‘I love you.’ Then screaming again. This went on for an hour.“

As for his catchy lines, Rooney says ODB took a while to record due to his sleep patterns. “He said one line — ‘me and Mariah, go back like babies with pacifiers’ — then paused, said, ‘Yo, I need to take a break,’ and went to sleep for 45 minutes.”

There you have it.

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