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On The Real, Tina Campbell responds to backlash over her vote for Donald Trump


ABC/Ida Mae AstuteGospel singer Tina Campbell continues to backlash from fans thanks to a recent interview with The Root in which she explains why she voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.  

She addressed the issue again on Thursday’s episode of The Real.

As previously reported, Tina’s sister Erica Campbell came to her defense on social media recently, telling fans to refer back to an open letter Tina wrote on Facebook at the beginning of the year, which details her reasons for supporting Trump.  

On Thursday’s The Real, both Tina and Erica appeared on the show, and Tina stated, “What I said is, if during your campaign what you said appealed to me and it appealed to my Christian values, more than the other candidate, then when it comes down to it, I chose based on my faith.”

She continued, “I didn’t really like either one of the candidates, if I could just be honest, but it was two people that had the chance of winning and so I voted based on my faith.”

“Do I agree with everything that’s being done and being said? No. Do I promote and advocate any of that? No. And do I choose to give any more of my time to anybody that has an opinion about my right to vote and who I vote for and what behind it? Not at all.” 

Tina went on to say that she is “upset with the things that [Trump]’s doing in this country” and established that in her Facebook letter. She also added, “I ain’t out campaigning for nobody but Jesus.”

You can watch a video of Tina Campbell giving her reasons for voting for Donald Trump on The Real‘s Twitter account

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