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Patti Labelle on Oprah’s Master Class This Sunday


Patti LaBelle will make an appearance on Oprah’s Master Class this Sunday, where she’ll discuss her successful music career.

In show teasers, Patti recalls becoming a solo artist after the split of the girl group, Labelle, known for their number-one hit with “Lady Marmalade.”

“I never wanted to be a solo singer,” she says. “I was always afraid of people blaming Patti LaBelle for the break up of Labelle. Because with Diana Ross, of course, they blamed her for the break up of the group, and it was that all three of us wanted to leave.”

Prior to having her very first solo performance in London, Patti reveals she was so terrified and later received advice from a therapist. “I said they’ll never, never accept me,” she recalls. “I saw the doctor, and we had a few sessions, [but it] still didn’t take the fear away from me.”

Ultimately, Patti went through with the show and recalls receiving a standing ovation. “Don’t be afraid of change,” she advises.

The episode will air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on OWN.

In other Patti news, the singer is enjoying the success of her dessert line, Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie, which sold out in stores across the country, thanks to a viral video in which a man literally sings the praises.

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