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Patti LaBelle won’t mix music with her cooking


Derek BlanksShould you ever find yourself invited to Patti LaBelle‘s home for some of her famous sweet potato pie, don’t expect to hear the iconic vocalist sing as she serves you a slice.  

As Ms. Patti explains to ABC Radio, “I don’t sing in the shower nor do I sing when I’m cooking. I just don’t listen to music. If I were to choose a song, it would be ‘California Love.’ Tupac. Then I can cut up stuff. But no, I don’t even play that.” 

Nevertheless, the celebrity chef and music legend has a few favorite songs she likes to jam out to from time to time, including Peter Gabriel‘s 1982 track “Shock the Monkey,” Chaka Khan‘s classic “Ain’t Nobody” and 50 Cent‘s smash “In Da Club.”  

In fact, she busted a move to Fiddy’s hit when she appeared on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Patti also loves Kanye West, and remembers the moment the “Heartless” rapper cautiously asked her to provide guest vocals on his 2005 song “Roses.” 

She says, “I was in the studio with his mother. Just gone by to see him. And he says, ‘Miss LaBelle. Please I hate to ask you, but would you mind singing this for my grandmother or something?’ And I said, ‘No, I don’t mind honey. I love to sing.’ So I did that with him, but I haven’t performed with any other rappers.”

Fans can pick up Patti’s new cookbook, Desserts LaBelle, today, and her first studio album in more than eight years, Bel Hommage [belle oh-MAHJ], May 5. 

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