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Prince’s ex-wife plans to keep the anniversary of his passing celebratory and joyful


Hachette BooksMayte [MY-tay] Garcia is not planning on shedding any tears today, the first anniversary of the death of her ex-husband Prince.  

Instead, Garcia is looking forward to celebrating the music icon’s life and legacy by  “playing his music” and remembering “him with love.”

“I definitely am going to try to keep it joyful and celebratory,” Garcia tells ABC Radio. “Because I remember when I was with him and certain people that we knew had passed away. And it was never a mourning/deep sadness kind of thing.”

Garcia, who chronicles intimate details about her marriage and life with Prince in her newly released memoir, The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince, says her ex didn’t look at death in a negative way. For him, she says, it was about transitioning.

“He would just acknowledge that they’ve just moved on to another level of spirituality of consciousness,” she says.

Mayte, who married Prince at the age of 22, believes her then-husband would also want his fans to see his passing as just a transformation and not a time of mourning.

“And that’s what I’m going to try to keep in mind,” she adds. “He would want us to celebrate him and play his music and think of him with love.”  

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