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Put some respeck on their name: SWV and Salt-N-Pepa weigh in on new artists not paying them homage


Courtesy of BETSWV and Salt-N-Pepa will hit the road together in the near future for an epic joint Ladies Night tour. As the groups gear up to perform across the nation, they’re also weighing in on today’s artists and why they sometimes feel left out.

“I would like for people to give us our respect and stop trying to kill us off. And I’m sick of that,” SWV’s Leanne “Leele” Lyons tells ABC Radio. “Like I’m tired [of the fact that] they’re considering us ‘old school’ or ‘we played out.'”

“No – no,” she continues. “These young artists today need to really do their homework and have some respect for the people… because we’ve done it. You know The Supremes can walk in here right now and we’re going to be like, ‘Oh, my God, like I love you.'”

Although Leele says it’s frustrating to see new artists ignore the pioneers of the genre, her group mate Cheryl “Coko” Gable says some of the acts “do show us some respect.” However, Leele’s still not satisfied.

“They do, but it’s just not enough for me,”  Leele insists.

Thankfully, Salt-N-Pepa’s Sandra “Pepa” Denton says there’s definitely a way to bridge that gap.

“But that’s why platforms like this [interview] — thank you– and having a voice– still be relevant,” she says. “[Including] shows [like] Ladies Night and letting them know what you feeling.”

Ladies Night, BET’s new reality series starring Salt-N-Pepa and SWV, premieres April 30 at 10 p.m. ET.


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