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R. Kelly Spills Secret to His Longevity, Contemplates Next Career Move


Credit: Christian Lantry 

R. Kelly‘s latest album, The Buffet, is the thirteenth studio effort of his career, a feat that he says he never predicted he’d achieve. After more than 20 years in the business and overcoming controversy, the singer tells ABC Radio what he considers the major key to his prolonged success.

“My observations, you know, has sustained my longevity in the business,” he explains. “Because I’m always observing people and I’ve learned what to do and I’ve always known what to do by paying close attention to the world and what’s going on in the world — close people, friends and just walking through the mall and studying people all the time.”

Kelz says his observations have translated into his music. “It has given me a sense of what people want and what people need at the same time and it has allowed me to write life and not just songs,” he says.

So what’s next step in his career? “I never could answer that question, because I’ve always been the type of guy that just like the universe to surprise me,” he says. “I’ve always gotten a great surprise at the end of the day,you know, when it comes to this music and my albums and me being able to continue to be creative.” 

Meanwhile, Kelz’ single “Wake Up Everybody” currently sits at number 16 on Billboard‘s Adult R&B Songs chart — the veteran holds the record for most top-20s on that chart.

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