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R. Kelly Talks Christmas Party Remix, Says Holiday Season Is His Favorite Time of the Year


Credit: Christian Lantry

Earlier this month, R. Kelly got into the holiday spirit and released a festive remix to “Backyard Party,” appropriately titled “Christmas Party.”  Now, the singer tell ABC Radio how he came up with the idea.

“Great friend of mine named Reggie out of Atlanta called me and said, ‘Man you need to do a Christmas version of that…. So I said, ‘Wow, that’s a challenge,'” Kelz recalls. “So I went into the studio and then kind of started trying to change the lyrics around and it started flowing, so I said, ‘OK, we need to put this out.'”

The last time fans got holiday music from Kelz was when he contributed “A Love Letter Christmas” and “Christmas I’ll Be Steppin'” to the Best Man Holiday soundtrack.

Speaking of the holidays, the singer also explains to ABC Radio why the last week of December is always a good time.

“Well, you know, Christmas is, I guess I speak for the world, is my favorite time of the year,” he says, “It’s very romantic, it’s very cozy and you get a lot of gifts and you give a lot of gifts, so you know it’s all about the spirit of Christmas as far as I’m concerned.”

Perhaps next season, the self-proclaimed King of R&B will finally release his long-awaited holiday album called 12 Nights of Christmas. In the meantime, you can purchase his latest album, The Buffet, now.

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